About this project

There are so many design tools, books, and other resources that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them. When you come across a new one, before long, you forget you ever found it.

I started compiling this collection of design resources to help you compare them, and decide which one may better fit your workflow, needs and taste.

A bit of backstory

The first version of this website was made over a weekend in 2014 by me (Javier Cuello), and it basically consisted of a list that pretty much resembled a spreadsheet of design tools.

What you are seeing now it’s the second third version of it, and will be getting better to provide more options to help you choose and find the design resource you need. Stay tuned!


Illustrations on the home page were purchased from Control Illustrations, and adapted just a bit, to add some other elements.

Illustrations on internal pages were made by Miguel Ángel Ávila, Sanja Kusturica, Marc Anderson and Román Jusdado. They are part of the Pattern Library, where you will find those and more.

Icons are small adaptations from the ones at Feather icons. Those are really some nice, open-source icons that you can download for free.

Design and development

Figma was used to design the main layouts, while some other adjustments were made directly on the browser.

For analytics, I'm reliying on Fathom, which means I don't need to display any cookies banner.

Finally, I used Hugo as static site generator.